Who We Are

 Founder & Program Researcher


Aleksandr Chandra, achandra@conncoll.edu

On a mission to discover and develop his passions for cultural and geriatric psychology, to anchor his identity and shape his beliefs, and to meld the personal and the intellectual, Aleksandr is a fourth year student at Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut, USA double majoring in Psychology and English with a certification in Community Action and Public Policy. Aleksandr globalized his education by spending a semester and a summer abroad in Delhi, India where he studied ageing, religion, and psychology.

Project Manager


Vijay Rawat, vijynet@yahoo.com

Vijay is one of the leading dance instructors and a performers who was recently awarded a full scholarship for a four-month international dance course in Australia. Founder and choreographer of The Dance passionate Group, Vijay has been working with the non-for-profit sector, dance companies, and Delhi schools. Vijay’s vision, his intention is not only to set up a company where he can impart the knowledge of dance but also forge a path through which dancers can achieve their dreams by the overcoming of hurdles like finances, acceptance by society, and knowledge towards art.  Thus, Vijay intends to guide his performers not only to become better artists but also better human beings by making them confident enough to make dance their profession

Project Coordinator

rashmi 2

Brok Dixon, brokdixon@gmail.com

Brok Dixon is from Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.A. He is a student at the University of Utah and is majoring in Social Work with hopes of one day becoming a therapist working in the field of adoptions. He loves traveling and being in the great outdoors. Brok really would like to make a positive difference in the world.


 ~ Theater and Movement ~


Om Dubey, dubey.omshankar19@gmail.com

Om Dubey is just 22 years old and lives at Lodhi Road in New Delhi. He is one from the most talented and creative students from Ambuj Arts Association studying theater. Originally, Om’s passion was dance, but once he was exposed to theater, he automatically surrendered himself to the stage. He began to recognize himself. Om had studied theater and dance from Manzil. Om’s goal is to represent himself as an actor. He believes that everyone should appreciate theater as an art, because it is the only way by which one can learn to recognize themselves and others too. Om is very excited and enthusiastic about Mending Maya and is here to share his dancing and acting talent with the older generations..


Anand Kumar, anandk26263@gmail.com

Anand Kumar is an 18 year old Delhite living in Kotla Mumbarak. He is a first year student at Delhi University and is a dance teacher at the Kutumb Foundation. Anand is also part of a dance team called Dance Passionate and a theater group called The Mirror Theater Group. At Mending Maya, Anand is one from a group of talented facilitators teaching Theater and Movement.

 ~ Music ~


Rashmi Arya, rashuarya11@gmail.com

Reshma (Rashmi) Arya is 28 years old living in Delhi, India. Reshma has been a music enthusiast since her childhood. After school Reshma learned Indian classical voice alongside singing in a band for five years as a lead vocalist. Later, Reshma took the initiative to form a choir group called Manzil Mystics with the help of two other musicians. Manzil Mystics is going strong in its fifth year. Members of Manzil Mystics write and compose their own music based on themes of peace and unity. The group also sings Indian classical and folk music. Manzil Mystics is currently running a project called “Learning through Music” where they teach life skills through music. Professionally, Reshma is a midwife having worked in several hospitals in mother and child health departments. Over the last two years, Reshma has been working in the community health sector with adolescent and reproductive health, gender and equality. In 2012, Reshma went to the United States through a scholarship to concentrate in CNA and phlebotomy. Simply put, Reshma calls herself a “change maker.” She feels very enthusiastic when she works for the community recognizing that by working for people one can learn greatly about life. Reshma feels very blessed with the opportunity to work with Mending Maya. She is very excited about the future of the program working and collaborating with seniors.

FullSizeRender (3)

Abhishek Aryan, abhishekaryan4@gmail.com

Abhishek is a highly skilled solo acoustic guitarist. He is very energetic and creative and constantly experiments with his talent. Abhishek is completing 8th grade in acoustic guitar. Abhishek’s hobbie is painting, and he enjoys every color of life whether it is a color of sadness or happiness since every color has its own beauty. Abhishek also believes the road to success is trying. Based in New Delhi, age 21, Abhishek is determined to uncover the secrets of how successful musicians and artists communicate with people through their talent. By performing at shows, gatherings, and workshops and by teaching guitar, Abhishek exchanges his knowledge with people.


Sushmita Pradhan, pradhan.sush22@gmail.com

Miss Sushmita Pradhan, aged 20, is a Delhi based talented artist, musician, classical dancer, athlete, and painter with multiple hobbies. Currently pursuing her graduation in English honors from Delhi University, Miss Pradhan has been providing workshops in various non profit organizations and government schools. She is enthusiastically associated with Manzil, an NGO at Khan Market, and serves the community with the best her wisdom, creativity and skills have to offer.Having strived tirelessly to achieve the desired, Miss Pradhan believes that destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice: what lies within us is minuscule when compared to what the world has to offer. She has an optimistic front, celebrates life, and idealizes that art is for life’s sake. The true motive of her existence is to introduce fun learning through various mediums of art, specifically in Delhi government schools, a major reason why Miss Pradhan is engaged in different realms of creativity. Miss Pradhan deeply despises the thought of being at a loss after a failure as her failures have played a cardinal role in her voyage of learning and experiencing all that there is to discover. This is the very essence. Miss Pradhan has faith in what failures bring to a being; ‘failures act as a catalyst towards achieving the destination’- she enunciates.

~ Arts & Crafts ~


Gunjan Kashyap

Gunjan is 24 years old pursuing her studies from IGNOU University in Delhi, India. Gunjan has been doing arts and crafts for four years and intends to use her passions for arts and crafts to teach street children and laborer’s kids. Gunjan recognizes that some people are not able to continue their studies and wants to help them through arts and crafts to do something that can earn them money. Gunjan’s goal is to eventually have a company of her own where she can spread her joy and passion teaching arts and crafts.


Manju Kumari, 2008manju@gmail.com

Aashirwad Old Age Home Manager


Bhim Budha, info@aashirwadoldagehome.com

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